The Diamond Ring

Did you know?

“Our ring finger has its name for a reason. The ancient egyptian believed that inside the finger, there is vein of love that runs directly to the heart! How romantic.”

The Story Behind

The first idea of a wedding ring originated from the caveman era. They wound a chain of grass, leather, bones, even ivory around the wrist and ankle of the bride. They believe this would ‘tie’ wife’s spirit so it should stay in her body. The Egyptians then started to wearing rings on the fingers, a tradition which was further refined by the Jews who wore gold rings as wedding rings. In 1477, Archduke Maximillian of Austria wore a diamond ring as the symbol of engagement to Mary of Burgundy. It was the first diamond ring worn for an engagement. Since then, diamond rings have become very popular among the newlyweds.

Why does it have to be gold, round, and decorated with diamond?

The ritual of exchanging rings between the newlyweds is the symbol of an eternal bond between them. The ring is round because it represents a love that has no beginning and no end. The gold represents eternal love, purity, and the power of a marriage bond. The Irish even believe that if they do not wear gold rings, the marriage will end in bad luck. Whiled diamond is believed as a symbol of power, trust and love.

Finding the Right Ring

CARAT AND CLARITY – Check the quality of the gem. The size and the position of the gem on the ring could affect its clarity.
FORM – Round diamond is the most popular form. As an alternative, other geometric forms will also produce fashionable designs.
CUTTING AND COLORS – The right cutting of the gem will make the ring shine even brighter and beautiful. The clearer the color, the higher the value.


  • Before you buy a ring consider the style and the size that suits that you and your partner want. Make sure it fits your budget.
  • In order to have a high quality ring you should consult with jewellery experts.
  • Provide a pillow so your ring will look even lovelier at the wedding ceremony. The size of the ring pillow varies but the ideal size around 20-25cm long and 12-15cm wide.
  • Match the ring pillow with the party’s theme and decoration but keep it simple. As an idea you can use the same fabrics as your gown’s.