The Gloves

“The Greek brides believe that if they put an ounce of sugar in their gloves, it will sweeten their marriage life.”

The Story Behind

In Victorian Era, only sophisticated brides wore gloves. Since the medieval times, gloves had been linked with love and faithfulness. There was even a tradition which required the groom-to-be to give gloves as engagement gift, and the bride would wear them on their wedding day. Gloves give the impression of modernity, and since the 19th century, brides have always worn them on their wedding day. Although they briefly became out of style, brides have been wearing the gloves again since the 1930′s.

Cover your hand!

The original function of gloves was to protect bridal gown from the oil produce by bride’s fingers. Glove also prevented the gown from being torn by the bride’s nails. But now, gloves are all about fashion statement. The right gloves that come along with the right dress, veil and tiara, will create a dramatic effect.

Wear it When

Gloves can be worn in the morning, at noon, even at night. Remember to take off the glove when exchanging the ring and give it to the bridesmaid, unless you use the fingerless of gauntlet ones. After that, wear it again. Do some practice before the wedding ceremony to make it easier for you. Don’t forget to wear your gloves back during photo shoot and when welcoming the guests. Take off your gloves when you eat. If you decide not to wear them again, make sure you take off both of them.

All About The Design

Gloves for brides are usually slim and designed to fit the bride’s hands. Satin, silk, linen, on lace are among the most suitable fabrics for gloves and can give romantic impression. But using other fabrics can also possible. Embroidery, pearl or crystal are also alternative for refining your appearance.


WRIST – Normal gloves that cover the whole hands.
GAUNTLET – The gloves that do not cover the whole palms. The length varies from wrist to elbow.
FINGERLESS – The fingers are still visible. In this way, the bride do not have to take off the gloves when exchanging rings.
ELBOW – The length is just below the elbow.
OPERA – It fits snugly to the arms, right to the upper elbow.


  • Before buying or ordering any gloves make sure you have the measure right. The length should be measured from the tip of the middle finger.
  • It is better to buy or order gloves from the same place where you buy or order your wedding dress so the design will match each other.
  • Remember since you will have a ring exchange ceremony so find a glove that is easy to be taken off.
  • The length of the gloves should be adjusted to the height of the bride.
  • Gloves should only be used for sleeveless or short sleeve dresses. Never pair gloves with long sleeve dresses.