The Hand Bouquet

There is a story behind the bride’s hand bouquet. Previously, the bride only carried a bunch of herbs, because it was believed that their fragrance could drive away evil power, bad lucks and diseases. Garlic was the most common plant to be chosen. In ancient Greek and Roman eras, this tradition was replaced by wearing a flower crown on the head of the bride as the symbol of new life and fertility.

Finding The Right Hand Bouquet

There are many designs for a hand bouquet. Usually, the bride to be will pick a flower simply based on their personal color and taste. Now, after you have known the meaning behind each flower, you should be careful in choosing them. Be creative in forms. Round, geometric or symmetric. Light, heavy, long or slim. Natural, elegant or dramatic. Combine the flowers with ribbon, silk and other accessories. Last but not least, match the bouquet with you and your partner’s characteristic.


  • Match the flowers bouquet with your gown. Ask for advice from the florist or decorator who helps your party. So you should not order it overnight!
  • For a simple dress the design of the flowers bouquet can us a bit of color. On the contrary for an extravagant gown choose a simpler bouquet. Make sure the ribbons and other accessories you use for the bouquet don’t look excessive when matched with your gown.
  • Special floral colors like fuchsia or orange can be very attractive for your white dress.
  • You may not think about this but try to match the colors of the flowers with your make up.
  • If you want imported flowers for your wedding day make sure you make your order in advance.