The Invitation

You’re Cordially Invited…

Who would be the first to know? An invitation card is not simply a medium to tell good news about your planned wedding to family, friends and colleagues. It serves more than as an invitation which hope for their attendance to give blessing to the newlyweds. The first impressions of the upcoming wedding party is gained from the invitations sent to guests. That’s why you should never design it carelessly. If you’re looking for perfection, there are some important matters to consider: Theme, Design, Exclusive Image, Paper Material and Type and Accessories.


Theme – Make sure your wedding party’s theme is reflected on the invitations, whether it’s classic, elegant, feminine, romantic, simple and modern, or even contemporary.
Design – Design composition or layout is crucial. Discuss this with your invitation card designer. Pay attention to the fonts and colors chosen.
Exclusive Image – Don’t be a copycat! Make a different and unique invitation. If you have a spare budget, you could put the invitation card in a box, or apply other original ideas.
Paper Material and Type – Choose papers with soft textures. You can choose a hardcover card to give it chic impression, or emboss the font.
Accessories – Add some nice and romantic ornaments, such as ribbon, lace, flower, tassel, etc. Don’t overdo it, because too many ornaments will lessen the exclusive look.


  • Pick a theme design and colors that represent both of you.
  • Most importantly make a flexible and easy to read invitation. Go for simple brief and informative lines.
  • Use a maximum of three fonts on your invitation.
  • Don’t rush in making invitation or you won’t get a maximum result.
  • Invitations should be sent 2 weeks before the wedding party. But it is better if you and your partner spread the good news in spoken before sending the invitations.