The Shoes

Did you know?

If the bride wears a pair of vintage shoes, it is believed that this couple will be blessed with fortunes in the coming of years.”

The Story Behind

In the past, a bride’s shoes symbolized money and power. Egyptians believed that when the father of the bride gave daughter’s sandals to the groom, it symbolized his approval on the transfer of power over the bride. In Anglo Saxon community, the groom even had to tap the bride’s head with the tip of a shoe as a symbol of acceptance of power after receiving the shoes from the father of the bride! Luckily, the tradition in Victorian era was much more civilized. The shoes of the bride became a symbol of prosperity. By marrying the bride, it was believed that the groom’s fortune would grow.

The Perfect Pair

A pair of lovely and comfortable shoes is a must for the bride for perfect appearance. Remember, you have to attend a series of ceremonies and the wedding reception that will take a whole day! Therefore to find a perfect pair of shoes, it is better for you to go to your designer and order your own beautiful and unique pair. Elegance is a essential here. You should choose fabrics like satin and silk crepe. If your party is not to formal, fabrics like leather and suede will be nice alternatives. Don’t forget to take into account your stockings, especially when you have chosen a gown that will show your feet. Choose a fabric that you are not allergic to, in a natural tone of color.

Finding the Right Shoes

Pump Shoes – Closed shoes with high heels. The style is classic and elegant. This kind of shoes can be combined with precious stones, ribbons, embroidery beads, even lace.
Sling-Back Shoes – Shoes with a strap in the back. It can be an open-toe or closed-toe. It has a light, but stylish impression. Sling back shoes that come with high heels will give a sexy outcome.
Mule Shoes – Closed shoes with strapless back. An all-time favorite among the brides, the silhouette of this pair of shoes is perfect for evening parties.


  • Match the heels with your gown. Be careful not to make the gown look too short too long when you wear it with your shoes.
  • Don’t take comport for granted especially for the toes and heels. Put on petroleum jelly on your feet and use it to soften the leather of the shoes.
  • Ask for advice from your shoes designer. Go for a shape that makes your feet look lovelier like shoes with oval front.