The Veil

Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that veil could protect the bride from evil eyes. In eastern cultures, the use of the veil was linked with the myth that it was considered bad luck for the newlyweds if the groom saw his bride before the wedding ceremony. In Victorian era, veil became an important element of a bridal gown. The wedding of Queen Victoria in the 19th century became a model of nearly all weddings at that time. She had worn her veil with orange blossom flowers, which later became a trend!

Size Does Matter

The shape and the length of a veil will affect one’s whole appearance. So, make sure that your veil is proportional to the gown (especially to the train), the shape of your face, your hairstyle, right to the location and the site of the party. You also have to give attention to what kind of mood you want to accentuate. For instance, an elbow-length veil gives a classic look. A veil that falls right to the fingers gives a chic look, but it is more suitable for tall brides. A veil that falls to the floor is elegant and suitable for petite brides. The location where the party takes place is also a crucial factor in choosing a veil. While a wedding in a holy place like churches or mosques needs an elegant yet simple veil. While, a wedding at a grand place requests a very long veil. Remember to pick a lighter and comfortable veil for garden parties.

Eye for Details

Do not forget to pay attention to the details. For a morning wedding, a light pearl accent would look very nice. a gem-studded veil would be worn for a reception in the evening. For an afternoon party, tiny flowers adornment will make you look even lovelier.


  • Match the veil with the dress. This of course will depend on the location the time and the theme of the party.
  • Consider the shape of your face and your body before deciding which shape and kind of veil you will choose.
  • Hairstyle and veil are closely linked! Therefore
  • think carefully of their harmony.
  • Don’t forget to adjust the veil with the length of the train.