The Wedding Cake

A girl who was yet to be married used to come to a wedding because they expected the crumbs of the cake to guarantee their own wedding. They believed that if they put the crumbs under their pillow that night, they would dream about their future husband!”

The Story Behind

You may not believe this, but besides eating it, people use to throw the wedding cake right to the newlyweds! The ancient Romans even had the tradition of breaking bread on the head of the bride, believed that flour, wheat and rice grains represented fertility, like wedding cakes made from these ingredient. In medieval times in England, the guests brought their own cakes to the party as gifts for the couple. These cakes were then formed into a pillar. The higher the pillar, the brighter the future of the couple that kissed in front of it. During the reign of King Charles II, a French chef adapted this idea and created a high wedding cake, then put the miniature of bride and groom at the top. This tradition remains popular until now.

Take a Bite

The tradition of giving out the pieces of the cake has lasted until now. Inside the cake, there should be five sugar-coated almonds that represent health, wealth, fertility, happiness and a long life. The ceremony of cutting the cake symbolizes the togetherness of the couple in sharing their life. The way the newlyweds feed the cake to each other represents their first meal together. Giving the pieces of the cake to the guests is a symbol that the newlywed couple share their happiness with the guests. The wedding cake used to be plain white inside out. But contemporary cakes now come in various colors, tastes and forms. Match it with your party theme.


  • Pick a unique cake to give a personal touch to your party.
  • The texture and the taste are very important So don’t hesitate to taste your cake before ordering it.
  • All guests have to get a slice of the wedding cake because it is a tradition to share happiness and luck. Therefore put the slices in lovely boxes so they can take them home.